Led by Dr. Roberta Huang, our team of medical specialists and certified Aestheticians  have years of experience.  They have been trained in the latest technology specifically to help our patients get the results they want. 

  • Dr. Roberta Huang, M.D.

  • Elizabeth Gallagher, R.N., M.S.N., F.N.P. - B.C.

  • Andrea Day, M.S.N.,  ARNP,  NP-C

  • Ceril Undan, B.S.N.,R.N.

  • Kelsey Morse, Advanced Aesthetician

  • Sabrina Scanlon, Advanced Aesthetician

  • Carol Taylor, Advanced Aesthetician

  • Addie George, Advanced Aesthetician

  • Emily Letourneau, Advanced Aesthetician

  • Angee Siharath, Aesthetician

  • Marco Young, Patient Concierge


Dr. Roberta Huang grew up on the East Coast, where she completed her undergraduate studies, medical school, and residency in New York City. She then transplanted herself to the West Coast—Seattle—where she practiced for 11 years before moving to the Portland area. With strength in the sciences and a keen interest in making a positive impact in people’s lives, she decided early on to pursue a career in medicine. Dr. Huang practiced as an OB/GYN for over 20 years before transitioning to regenerative medicine. The impetus for change was to practice medicine in a way that aligned with her philosophy of assisting the body to heal itself.

To find a balance between external medicine and internal energy.

Her mission as a healthcare provider is to make accessible healing modalities that improve the patient’s quality of living- by addressing and improving existing issues while offering preventative measures in supporting people to be the best version of themselves. She takes pride in and feels privileged to work alongside patients as a skilled guide collaborating with them in deciding what treatment path is most appropriate and best serving.

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