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Why Haven't I Heard More About These Treatments?

When we said "cutting-edge" we meant it.  The treatments we have selected are the latest that have been proven to deliver results. Our mission is simple we want you to feel better, and we want that to happen as quickly as possible. So we have chosen technology that will deliver that result to our patients. 

What Are The Risks?

Every treatment has it's inherent risks, but our technology and treatments are designed to evaluate each patients individual circumstances to minimize the potential side effects.

How Do I Find Out More?

It's simple... Call and schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.  Our physician will speak with you about your condition to decide if one of our therapies is right for you.

How is urinary incontinence diagnosed?

The condition is diagnosed mainly on the pattern of symptoms. Keeping a urinary diary (a record of daily urination, urine accidents and fluid intake) can help your health care provider determine patterns and establish the working diagnosis. The provider will also ask questions about your general health, your history of incontinence, past surgeries, illnesses and any medication you're taking. A physical examination, including a pelvic exam, will be done, and a urine sample will be tested.

Sometimes other, more complicated tests may be needed to establish or confirm the diagnosis or to guide treatment.

How does incontinence relate to age?

Incontinence should not be considered to be a normal condition of aging. Elderly patients should be evaluated in essentially the same way that patients of any age should be evaluated. Incontinence is certainly more common as patients age, but incontinence can be seen in children, adolescents, and adults.

Why should I care about my bladder control problem?

People often live with incontinence without seeking help. Many cases can be cured or controlled with appropriate treatment. Urinary incontinence is the second leading cause of institutionalizing elderly people. The problem can contribute to decreased socialization, decreased quality of life and depression. Getting up at night to urinate also increases the risk of falling and fracturing a hip.

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